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🚨STOP SCROLLING!🚨 This is what I wish I knew BEFORE wasting $$$'s on DIY Lash Extensions!

05/03/21 | Samatha Reeves

I was so UPSET after spending my hard earned money on 2 DIY Lash extension brand that didn't last more than 1 day. I even tried the expensive DIY brands and none of them stayed on for more than a day or two. Even worse, one of them came off in the shower! And they were such a hassle to even put on.

1. I got them on my FIRST-TRY!!!

I was ready to write off lash extensions altogether until I saw an ad for this amazing product! I was intrigued by the fact that these extensions were simple to apply and also pulled without coming off.

2. They have stayed on for 18-DAYS!!!

Plus, it has a 30-day money back guarantee which made me feel confident enough to give it a try. After trying it for myself, I was absolutely amazed! Putting on the lashes only took a few minutes and they've stayed on for the past 18 days. I'm so impressed and so in love with these extensions!


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