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Learn Our New Application Process

four easy steps

4 Easy Steps Watch Full Application

Our Application Step by Step

Step 1: Coat Segments

First, take the lashes out of the tray,
and apply the bonding agent to the top roots of all five segments. After applying the bond to every segment, place the segments back in the lash tray. (Remove sticker that holds lashes to the tray)

Step 2: Coat Your Lashes

Coat your lashes with the bonding agent, using the product generously and applying as if it were mascara. Apply 2 to 3 coats to have the perfect amount of bond on your natural lashes.

Step 3: Place Lash Segments

Start placing the lash segments underneath your natural eyelashes in a upward motion. When placing the segments, make sure you apply them parallel to your natural lashes to be placed properly onto your lashline.

Step 4: Seal Your Lashes

Once all the segments are on, apply coats of sealant to the applicator and seal your lashes together with a pressing motion. You can repeat this up to 3 times.

How to use our 2-System Bond

Applying the right amount will result in salon-quality lashes, 100% waterproof & will hold up for 2 weeks.

Tip #1 Apply bond to segments

Make sure to apply bond to all segments before applying to your lashes. Without the bond on the segments, they will not stick as easy.

Tip #2 Don’t over apply

Too much bond can cause natural lashes to look clumpy and create an undesired look

Tip #3 Hold your applicator vertically

When applying your segments hold you applicator vertically. Applying each segment in a upward scooping motion.

Tip #4 Apply sealant 3 times

Not enough coats may cause your segments to fall when showering or sleeping.

Tip #5 Clean your applicator

Make sure to clean your applicator throughout your application.

Don't get your lashes wet for 24 hours

Don't pick at, pull, or peel your lashes

Don't sleep on your face

Don't use oil based makeup

Don't touch your lashes when they are wet

Avoid direct water pressure on your face while showering

Don't use mascara

Our Removal Step by Step

Step 1: Apply Serum

Apply Purify Lash Serum to a eyelash cotton swab.

Step 2: Coat Lashes

Apply serum to the roots of your lashes. Wait for 1 - 2 minutes to absorb.

Step 3: Peel Gently

Gently peel off the segments from the edges of the band with your applicator.

Step 4: Wash Face

Wash your lashes with face wash and you are ready for the next set.

Top Tip & Tricks For the Best Results

How to Prep

How to have your lashes ready for application.

How to Apply

Step by step on how to apply using the Gridlock Method.

Gridlock Method

Easy & Quick way to apply your lash extensions.

Relock Technique

Quick way to seal your natural lashes with lash extensions.

Do's & Don'tsDIY Lash Extensions

Tip #1 For Beginners

Step by Step, How to apply for beginners

Tip #2 New Technology

How the 2-System Bond works with our lashes.

Tip #3 Clean Lashes

Clean Lash residue glue off lash segments.

Tip #4 Applying Bond

Do’s & Dont’s - Bond Edition.

Tip #5 Sticky Applicator

How to clean your sticky applicator from bond.

Tip #6 Applying Sealant

3 ways on how to apply sealant for longer lasting lashes.

Tip #7 Having Trouble Applying?

Still having trouble applying? Schedule a 1 on 1 with a lash expert.

Tip #8 Lash Maintenance

Do’s & Dont’s with Lash Maintenance.


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