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Application & Removal

1) Can I apply it? Is it easy to apply? remove?

a) Like all great beauty techniques, there's a very small learning curve when you're new. (Am I the only one who looked like I had dirt on my face when I first started trying to contour? Just me?(laugh/hmm emojis) ) Thankfully, most of our customers say applying our lashes is even easier than mascara! Here’s a real application tutorial video so you can decide for yourself how easy it is!

b) There’s a very slight learning curve when you’re new, but most of our clients say applying our lashes is even easier than applying mascara! (Remember learning how to do that??Here's a tutorial video on how to learn it all, quickly: You might also want to join our Facebook community where you'll get lots of tips and tricks, as well as discounts and sneak peeks of our new products.

c) We know applying your own lashes can be intimidating and comes with a slight learning curve, so that's why our kits come with everything you need and we have this instructional video to walk you through the process: If there's anything else we can do for you, just let us know!

d) It's so easy with our specially formulated lash removal serum! Here is a tutorial to walk you through it you need any further assistance, just let us know!

e) Our lashes are versatile and can be worn either over or under your natural lash line. However, for a seamless, natural-looking application, we highly suggest applying them underneath your natural lashes.

2) What happens after the 2 weeks?

a) After 2 weeks, the lash segments may start to slowly fall off. (Totally normal, btw!) You can either:

1. Reapply the fallen segment (but for hygienic reasons, we do not recommend using the same pair of lashes for more than 2 weeks)
2. Use our lash removal serum to gently remove your extensions and apply a new pair.

b) It's so easy with our specially formulated lash removal serum! It only takes 2-3 minutes to remove your lashes, leaving them damage-free.Here's a tutorial video showing how to remove them:

3) How long are your lashes?

a) We have options!! If you're looking for natural, we have our Petite lashes (8-13 mm legnth). If you like to glam it up a bit, we have our Fantasy lashes (16-19mm length). And lastly, but definitely not least, we have our Bedroom lashes for when you're feeling sexy (9.5-17 mm length). Feel free to head over to our website to check them out for yourself!

4) How are these lashes different ?

a) Here's more about us:

1. Our lashes can last for up to 2 weeks with a single proper application
2. They’re low maintenance, and truly waterproof and wind-proof
3. They’re non-damaging to your natural lashes
4. Our custom-formulated lash bonding agent is lighter, hypoallergenic, and lasts longer than competitors
5. We offer a special removal serum that lets you remove the lashes anytime you want!
6. Our dedicated expert customer service team is online and is there to guarantee our customers are happy
7. We’re 100% women-founded and owned based in the USA, and ship our products from Los Angeles.

5) Will these damage my natural lashes?

a) We have a hypoallergenic solution for you! Everything from our bonding agent to our sealant to our removal serum is hypoallergenic and completely safe for your skin. We don't use any harsh chemicals such as cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, latex, or parabens.Feel free to check out our website at

b) We’re incredibly focused on lash safety! That focus is what helped us create a smarter and lighter-weight system! A lot of professional lash artists have even started to use our products themselves

c) Our eyelash extensions are specifically designed to ensure lashes are not damaged during proper application or removal. Our unique 5-fan segments adhere to multiple natural lashes with a gentle adhesive--as opposed to applying several lashes to one individual natural lash, creating the dry, split, or broken lashes which are often done at salons. Our lashes will remain intact for 2 weeks without any worry of damage. Splitting it into those segments the way we do helps to distribute weight more evenly, reducing the risk of damage.Check out the website for aftercare tips

6) Are they reusable?

a) Some of our past clients have been able to properly maintain and sanitize their lashes for extended wear, but we don’t recommend using the same pair of lashes for more than 2 weeks for hygienic reasons. Gotta keep those gorgeous eyes in tip top shape!The good news is, we have an AWESOME deal on our refill kit subscription that starts at only $16 per lash set!

7) How do I know what style best fits me?

a) Our quiz gives you a variety of questions to answer for the perfect choice!

8) Are these lashes waterproof?

a) Our 2- System Bond™ includes our Noir Lash Bonding Agent & Feather Control Lash Bonding Sealant. Let us show you the ropes of long-lasting DIY lash extensions. This product is your new secret weapon! It is 100% hypoallergenic and specially formulated to work within our multiphase system to give you the look of salon lash extensions in 5 minutes that last and hold strong for 2 weeks.This formula is not only ophthalmologist-approved but also is completely waterproof. It dries seamlessly and does not contain any harsh chemicals like cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, latex, or parabens. Use all of our products together for optimal results and use Bond within 6 months of opening. Our unique Feather Control Sealant extends the wear of your DIY lash extensions and eliminates any tacky residue from our Noir Lash Bonding Agent. The micro-tip applicator delivers a precise application and protects your lashes. This sealant will help prolong the wear time & durability.


1) What are the ingredients you use on your products?

a) Our lashes are handmade with Luxurious Korean Silk Fiber! All of our products are 100% PETA certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

b) The ingredients in our Bond are:

- Acrylates/Ethylhexyl
- Acrylate Copolymer
- Charcoal

Completely Hypoallergenic, no cyanoacrylates or formaldehyde, 100% waterproof, flexible bonding, medium viscosity,  and dries in only 2 minutes!!!

c) The ingredients that make up our exclusive remover are:

- Medium
- Chain triglycerides
- Caprylic acid
- Capric acid
- Auric acid
- Pure Fractionated Coconut oil

And just like our bonding agent and sealant, it's hypoallergenic and safe to use on your skin!

d) The ingredients that make up our exclusive sealant are:

- Octanol/ethyl ethyl glycerol

And just like our bonding agent and removal serum, it's hypoallergenic and safe to use on your skin!

e) Our NOIR LASH BONDING AGENT is nothing like no other! It is 100% hypoallergenic and specially formulated to work within our multiphase system to give you the look of salon lash extensions in 5 minutes that last and hold strong for 2 weeks.

f) All of our products are latex free! No silicone, either!

g) Our lashes are 100% hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist and dermatologist approved.

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Discounts & Promos

1) Do you offer any discount codes?

a) Our Level Up Starter Kit offers over a month's supply of product and it's currently 60% off! No promo code needed!! Slide in our DMs anytime if you have questions or need help!

b) Sign up for SMS and Email newsletters for exclusive promos every week!

c) Be able to get a $50 gift card when you refer us to your friends. Not only do you get $50 they get a $20 giftcard for their first purchase. Its more fun when friends help each other!  We'd love to see you both in a pair of our new lashes!! Slide into our DMs anytime if you need help!

d) Join our Facebook community page for tips, tricks, promotions and advance previews of our products.


1) Do you offer any collabs?

a) We're always looking for beautiful babes like you to collab with!

Email for more info!  Be sure to include your stats.  We're excited to hear from you! Or visit our Collab page online

Terms of Services

1) What is your return policy?

a) Learn more about our policy here!

2) Where can i find your Terms of Services?